Medical Astrology – A Divine Science

Medical Astrology – A Divine Science

The pandemic situation in our country has brought back the focus of the entire nation on the importance of health and having a greater immunity as well as being prepared for any type of health emergency.

There has been an increased panic amongst the population regarding the co- morbidities which are worsening the prognosis of the affected people to return back to normalcy.

In such situations, the importance and the science behind medical astrology also takes precedence in one’s life thus making it the most sought-after resort as even medical science is showing limitations towards complete cure of the disease.

The science of medical astrology just gives us the indications pertaining to the likelihood of the individual contracting a disease and the prevalence and extent of the suffering or morbidity and whether it will be fatal causing the mortality of the individual. The Longevity of the individual and the kind of suffering that will be endured by the individual can also be easily predicted by the influence of the planets and signs and the houses, the transit and the dashas of the planets which is currently influencing the native’s chart also plays a very important factor in the life of the individual.

Astrology is a profound source of information and insight on many aspects of life, including self-understanding, relationships, career, and money. Of course, the realms of health and wellness, illness and disease are no exception to this. the natal aspects of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune can be of special importance in understanding our constitutional nature and our potential for good health as well as chronic illness. It is also important to look at many other factors in the chart to assess the health and potential illness of a client: planets in signs, especially the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant; the elemental balance or imbalance present; and factors affecting houses, especially the 1st, 6th, and 12th houses. It can be helpful to look at the sign/body part correlations as well, Aries being the head, Pisces being the foot, and so on.

The humans face challenges and problems every day, from birth till death. There are various sorrows, miseries, hindrances, diseases, emotional breakdowns and more. In situations like these, we try to seek advice from Doctors, Astrologers, Gurus, etc. But, the reality is that we will continue to face such issues until we are alive.

These issues affect our mind, body and soul. To avoid such pain and to seek relief from all such troublesome situations, one can depend upon Vedic remedies. Vedic astrology has not only given the tools to determine the hurdles that could come in the future but has also given the ways to avoid such hurdles. These ways are based on astrological principles called astro remedies. These astro remedies or Vedic remedies attempt to modify the bad situations or hurdles as depicted in our natal charts.

The correct way in which the astrologers suggest the remedies is as follows:

 Determine the overall bad and good effects of all planets as per the chart.

 Determine the strength of all those planets.

 Next, check which planets are causing troubles. 

 The remedies are then decided on the basis of the planets which are malefic or weak.

 Finally, the Dashas, Maha Dashas, Antar Dashas, Prati Antar Dashas Chart are checked. The relationship of the planet with the Dasha Lord is matched. Compatibility is seen and if the compatibility isn’t matched then a remedy is suggested for the Dasha lord instead of the planet in question.

The results will vary from person to person depending upon their chart. That is why no remedy works the same way for two different people. Undeniably, remedies work but determining the right remedy is important.

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