Gemstones and Crystals – Myths and Facts

Gemstones and Crystals – Myths and Facts

Gemstones- An  Introduction                

From time immemorial those tiny fragments of heaven known as gemstones have bewitched men and women of all races and creeds, not simply for their cosmetic value but in many cases for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual purposes of healing.

Many references relating to the curative properties of both gems and metals may found in books as diverse as the Bible, the Hindu Vedas and even in contemporary writings of people like Edgar Cayce. In fact, more recently there is an ever-growing and almost overwhelming interest in this fascinating subject.

As a practising Sidereal astrologer using Hindu predictive techniques, my studies and research have led me deeper and deeper into the realm of gems, the unique properties contained in them and how, when utilised correctly, can transform those that wear them.

At this point, it should be noted that modern-day astrology rarely makes reference to the significance of this important branch of the science. There’s an intricate relationship between gems and the electromagnetic effects of the planets.

There is considerable variance among modern writers on the subject and this probably accounts for the simplistic approach taken by the general public who are fed ” year – market ” astrology and purchase their birthstone month by month as determined by these ” generalists “. Is it any wonder the sceptics are going for the jugular. And rightfully so!!


Before discussing the right approach for selecting and prescribing gems, the question of how a clod of earth can actually affect us should be considered.

Along with the recent interest in the dynamics of gems, metals and crystals, there’s been an increase in clinical studies leading to an emergence of a scientific model. As a simple analogy, consider the human body to be a large battery ie a saline solution of blood, lymphatic fluid and other liquids. It simultaneously produces electrical and neural impulses resulting in an electromagnetic field or ‘aura’. Certain gems and metals exhibit electromagnetic properties.

The introduction of a resonating electrical field – a gem – into the human field, begins to interact and create modifications in the human electromagnetic field. In fact, researchers such as Robert Becker and Andrew Merino have shown that the piezoelectric effects in human tissue are due to the structural protein called collagen.

They maintain that this effect is a biological transducer.  It is capable of converting outside stimuli into recognisable signals. This affects cellular changes. In other words, gems can be converted into signals inside one’s body!

Long before modern researchers understood the whys and wherefores of the subject, astrological sages of India were onto it. Their sacred texts had already advocated the therapeutic value and use of minerals. Their prodigious insights into on the atomic nature of matter, human consciousness and celestial mechanics. With these scientific concepts, it seems that the gem theory isn’t so fantastic after all.


In prescribing a gem for use its important to consider the following carefully. Using the Sidereal  Zodiac take note of –

  • Birth Data including as accurately as possible the time, place and date.
  • Planetary dignity i. e. positional, motional, directional, aspectual and also harmonic strength.
  • Present and future planetary trends as per astrological cycles.
  • Metals, gems and jewellery presently worn. In some cases removing these is sufficient to bring desired changes.

The birth map and planetary characteristics reveal strengths and weaknesses as described above. The planets are points of resonating energy as well as interceptors of background radiation fields. These planets correlate and modify biological processes.

If a planet is poorly placed in a horoscope the deficiencies are reflected in the corresponding life events. This requires a boost of energy found in the gem.

The age at which these deficiencies or critical trends appear can also be determined beforehand. By studying the life cycle precautionary measures can be taken to reduce undesirable effects to a minimum


Once the remedial gem has been selected it’s then important to select the correct metal and planetary timing for the setting.  Above all, the appropriate finger for use. The gem must make contact with the skin.

Each finger represents dominant planetary energy ( which can be noticed in the study of palmistry ) which can best utilise the healing property of the gem selected. The following is a broad guideline:-



First or Jupiter finger – Yellow sapphire or topaz

Second or Saturn finger – Blue sapphire

Third or Sun finger – Ruby

Fourth or Mercury’s finger – Green Emerald and Pearl.

Other planets’ gems may also be worn on harmonious fingers. As an example :

A Cancer ascendant requires a strong Moon as it is the Ruler of the first house. If the Moon is located in a weak house such as 6, 8, or 12 and under malefic influence – hard aspect of Saturn, Nodes or Mars, wearing of a Pearl or Moonstone on the pinky or third finger would mitigate those influences.

The astrologer might also prescribe measures such as fasting on the associated days of malefic planets afflicting the Moon to further reduce the negative results.

Each planet signifies different departments of our lives. When at birth a planet exhibits a weakness, it reflects that weakness in the respective area of life. If we suffer continuing health problems, this could be due to an afflicted or weak Sun. In this case, the gems and metals for the Sun would release the red cosmic color into our being and thereby strengthen us.


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