Fourth House In Astrology

Fourth House In Astrology


4th House of the ZodiacThe fourth house represents the challenges faced in developing your capacity for emotional closeness and a sense of security. Cancer influences any planet within the fourth house, marking a domestic influence. It is through this domestic influence that the house is seen as describing both your home, family and the kind of environment that makes you feel most comfortable.

The fourth house takes our early childhood experiences and relates them back to our emotional foundation and subconscious self-image, representing to us the way we feel about ourselves. It is through this that our sense of belonging is established and our emotional capacity is defined.

The house is associated with unconditional love, nurturing, intuition and instincts, family, childhood roots and the desire to create a strong foundation of security within our lives.

Sun in the 4th House

It is difficult for one who has this position of the Sun to feel at home and comfortable anywhere. Inner restlessness and doubt often spoil things which otherwise might have been beautiful; especially in youth when the greatest demands are made. In the course of years however many difficulties with parents will find a solution through a more comprehending sympathy. Old age is apt to be quiet and “sunny”; the fruits of seed sown in a difficult youth will be gathered which will in a great measure compensate the native for all the old unhappiness and anxiety in his ‘own home”.

If the Sun makes strong harmonious aspects it indicates the obtaining of a fixed source of income usually out of the inheritance of one of the parents.

When afflicted the native has not enough energy to increase his own capital, but merely passively awaits the coming of his inheritance.

Moon in the 4th House

Points to changing circumstances in life and changes of abode; further to a lively imagination, a sensitive nature and great attachment to parents and relatives.

When afflicted the position is not favorable to relations with the parents or their mutual relation.

The native’s education will suffer because of this and all through later life the lack of pleasant recollections of one’s youth will be felt and manifest in a certain despondency, a premature ripeness which even in youth takes away much that is childlike. Later on this results in lack of compassion, and excessive interest in his own affairs and circumstances.

Financial loss through theft and deceit, probably by most unlikely people, may occur with this Moon-position.

Jupiter in the 4th House

Presupposes that the parents were well-to-do, even wealthy and that education began in a grand style. This position makes the relation to parents, and atmosphere in the domestic circle especially hearty and benevolent. It gives a deep, inner support, a spiritual prop which again and again helps the native to overcome all difficulties. Such a person will meet with much cooperation and respect in his native place.

When afflicted it will be better for him to settle somewhere else where one is less known, in order that he may at least feel more free. But it will be difficult for him to find lasting prosperity, because he takes things too lightly and cannot cut his coat according to his cloth. This leads to thoughtless and frivolous expenditure, which may result in danger of bankruptcy.

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